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What to Expect from Maria Cardelli’s Upcoming Collections

From whimsically printed silk scarves to bright pops of color, there’s a lot to look forward to in Maria Cardelli’s Fall-Winter and Spring-Summer lines. Steadfast in her commitment to quality and constructing her product entirely in Italy, Cardelli has created shoes, bags, and scarves that are equal parts indulgent and practical. Lovers of color, fine… Read More

The Fashion World of Baby Designer Clothes

Lately, there is a slight change in the fashion industry. Kids are now evading the fashion world with the latest trend of designer baby clothes. Kids and babies have taken their position now in the world of fashion.This is mainly caused by celebrity mothers who are proud to show their matching outfits with their kids…. Read More

What Does a Fashion Designer Do?

What does a fashion designer do? This may seem obvious, but fashion designers may have numerous different responsibilities that you never thought of. Of course, a fashion designer’s main job is typically designing clothes, shoes and/or accessories. This involves drawing sketches, making patterns, picking out materials, sewing, stitching and using other techniques that enhance the… Read More

How To Find Cheap Fashion Designer Handbags

It is common that women desire to own a chic and vogue handbag to make themselves look fashion and charming. Nowadays, a lot of modern ladies consider the fashion elements and exquisiteness. Today, it is an essential thing for them to own such a leisure. It is necessary for every lady to keep an wonderful… Read More

Designer Shoes as a Fashion Trend

The fetish for stylish pair of shoes is mostly seen in women. With the fashion industry hovering over our everyday trends, designer shoes has become a must. Shoes are amongst one of the most important accessories for a woman and flaunting a good collection of shoes is a matter of pride. Fashion is largely a… Read More

Designer Bridal Sarees Fulfill Demand for Fashion

Living in the modern world of fashion necessitates for designer wear, be it wedding or any other occasion. Designer bridal sarees are a current trend that has taken the global and Indian market by storm. Indians have always believed in articulating themselves with colors and designer wears help them do this unerringly. This designer garment… Read More

Designer Wallets for Fashion and Use

A wallet is a must for anyone; particularly for men who need to carry cash and various new inventions such as credit cards, identification documents such as driver’s license, identification card, club card, etc. amongst others. Several parts or compartments in a wallet are used to put photographs, business cards, and other important small documents… Read More

Designer Handbag Materials

Women are fond of a lot of fashion accessories and one of these fashion accessories are handbags. Let’s talk about this fad. One with the most popular material employed for handbags is leather-based. The reason is since leather-based is durable and flexible. This means that it can easily be molded in any shape but it… Read More

Designer Jeans

Designer Jeans Comfort is the greatest luxury and no one can deny jeans are next skin for some people. Denims defy geographical boundaries; now this humble trouser of the common man has been elevated to the High Street Fashion. It continues to pump fresh blood into fashion as designers create innovative pairs. It parleys beautifully… Read More

Designer Jewellery

As with designer perfumes, the scarily glamorous world of designer jewellery is one I often shy away from. It is a strange, golden world of money, style and confidence – none of which I possess in any great amount. I envy the ability of all these fashionable types to sport a fabulous piece of jewellery… Read More