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What to Expect from Maria Cardelli’s Upcoming Collections

From whimsically printed silk scarves to bright pops of color, there’s a lot to look forward to in Maria Cardelli’s Fall-Winter and Spring-Summer lines. Steadfast in her commitment to quality and constructing her product entirely in Italy, Cardelli has created shoes, bags, and scarves that are equal parts indulgent and practical. Lovers of color, fine… Read More

How to Wear Your Summer Dresses During Fall

As fall approaches, cooler weather means it’s time to swap out those flowing skirts and little straw clutches with cozy knits, leather booties, and other fall staples. But there’s one versatile item you won’t have to relegate to the back of your closet just yet—the summer dress. With a few key styling adjustments, even the… Read More


How does having an unlimited fashion wardrobe for a monthly subscription sound? DIVINE RIGHT?! Who knew this was even possible…? Year after year, season after season, we clean our closets and get rid of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise and the worst part is there are brand new pieces with tags still hanging on…. Read More