Get Involved with Hauls This New Year

Vloggers have taken over as the newest and most reliable form of product marketing and advertising. Successful vloggers are invited to exciting red carpets and sit front row at fashion weeks around the world. Vloggers are entrepreneurs with an amazing understanding of marketing and sales. They have first-hand experience of starting a brand from the ground up, which makes their knowledge invaluable. Vloggers have worked extremely hard to build their following as well as obtain sponsorships and partnerships with companies. But what if obtaining sponsorship and earning commission for products you’ve promoted were easier? With the new website and app, becoming a top vlogger will be easier than ever. is the only social shopping platform that allows for viewers to buy products while simultaneously watching a vloggers video. If accepted to become a Hauler, vloggers will get the opportunity to work with an organization that cultivates their potential and talent. makes it easier for Haulers to gain a higher commission for products sold, by being affiliated directly and indirectly with over 40,000 top beauty and fashion retail brands.  By being affiliated with these brands it makes it easier for viewers to buy products directly from a Haulers page and then automatically be redirected to a checkout page. If the viewer can’t afford the item they can always save it in their Hauls closet for purchase later.

Due to these direct and indirect affiliations, it has allowed Haulers to promote products that they truly like organically, without having the stipulations and requirements that come with other types of partnerships. Because this organic take, and being able to promote products that really excite the Hauler, they are able to raise a higher commission and become a reliable source for items to viewers. Hauls’ makes it easier than ever to grow and move your fan base to your Hauls page, by not limiting promotion, creative ability, and usage on other social media sites.  Hauls’ believe that 5% of every Haulers fan base can become super shoppers. These super shoppers are the ones that will continually come to a Haulers page and purchase products that they suggest, thus boosting their commission. makes it easier than ever to create a seamless product with their top of the line backend for all their Haulers. Every Haulers backend is equipped with analytics to find what products sell best, how much commission you have already earned, and what videos were viewed the most. They also give great production tools to create a seamless and exciting video, without all the hassle. If this sounds beneficial to you, then joining Hauls is easy. All you have to do is go to the website or app and upload three of your already made video. If you are approved to be a Hauler, then you will get the opportunity to grow your personal brand and work with an amazing organization as well as top brands.

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