Kalilaine Creations

Happy Monday! Hope everyone is enjoying the start to the week!

I wanted to share a fantastic new online shop I came across called Kalilaine Creations. This brand launched 4 successful Etsy stores and decided to create this website for their products in order to offer special promotions to their supporters only on this site.

Their mission is to offer products that are different from the big box stores in a more creative way.  They decided to unite complementary artistic talents together and form a brand into an online store.They take inspiration from the world to create products that we will find to be special, beautiful, and things that add a unique touch to day-to-day living.

Kalilaine Creations then partnered with wonderful manufacturers who specialize in digital printing to help bring designs to life one product at a time, which further allowed Kalilaine Creations to create special products.


Erin is an award winning photographer. She has an eye for composition and design combined with savvy computer skills. A sense of humor is prevalent throughout her designs.

Marlene creates beautiful watercolor designs. Inspired by nature, her designs are fresh and truly lovely. Check out the Elderbrook Studios collection for her designs. In addition to teaching art and French, Marlene has a love of advocacy work for First Nations and women’s rights.

Collin‘s collection will be featured later this year, watch for our boy’s line of products. He is a Navy officer by day and a artist by night.

A few products from Kalilaine Creations

Hope you guys will enjoy this online boutique as much as I have!

Happy Shopping 🙂 xx